Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Trying to Decide

I realize there has been quite a delay since the last posting. Everything is still going well!

Ever since we decided on pursuing adopting in Mexico, we had one particular state in mind where we were intending to submit our dossier. But since we have family in several states in Mexico, we decided to explore possibilities in each of those states before submitting our paperwork. Our agency supports us in this which is very nice.

We, our agency, and family members in Mexico have been establishing contacts and gathering information to help us decide which state. Each state has their own civil codes which determine adoption procedures. So we are finding out that depending on which state we chose, we might need some additional documents for our dossier, since every state has their own requirements. We are gathering those documents in the meantime. We have narrowed it down now and are very close to submitting our paperwork!