Monday, October 27, 2008

Our adventure begins!

Why Mexico??? The simple answer is that P was born and raised there!

We are in what is called the Paper Chasing phase of international adoption. We started the process in June 2008 and are still gathering all of the documents and obtaining all of the approvals we need from the US before our dossier (file) is submitted to Mexico.

It hasn't been very common for Americans to adopt from Mexico, but we think that will change. We are paving the way, as a part of one of the new pilot programs for adoptions in Mexico, and are excited to begin this adventure!

We keep learning a lot along the way, sometimes the hard way, so we hope to be able to share and document our experiences, as we know there are many people interested in adopting from our precious Mexico. Still, we don't claim to have the answers, as things differ greatly by state within Mexico. Each day we learn something new. But each day also brings us closer to our children.

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