Thursday, December 18, 2008

Compiling the Dossier and Staying Organized

The main focus of this month has been compiling all of the documents we need to send to Mexico in our dossier. I have been collecting documents for the last six months. To keep everything in good condition, I have been storing the originals in sheet protectors in a three ring binder, shown in the photo above. Not all of the documents that are currently in the binder will end up going to Mexico though. Some of them are documents I needed for our homestudy or for our agency. But keeping them in a binder has helped me to stay organized.

The other thing keeping me organized is my 18-month weekly planner, the blue book shown on top of the binder. I have been taking notes in it the entire process. It has become a quite detailed diary, highlighting all of the highs and lows, all of the dates that every paper has reached my hands or left my hands, every time I have had contact with my agency, etc.

By the way, today I found out that our fingerprint scans worked fine! I called the CIS to make sure. The CIS has our background clearances, and we are awaiting being assigned an officer to review our file. Unfortunately, that may not happen until mid to late February.


Gene and Deanna said...


somehow managed to find your blog via a link not sure how. anyway my wife and I are about to start a Mexico adoption. We completed a Vietnam adoption a year and half ago so are familar with the process but finding your blog really helped clear up some things I had been wondering. Once we get along I will update our adoption blogs but just wanted to say thanks and I will keep following if thats ok
Gene AP to Sadie from Vietnam

Anonymous said...

Hello Gene and Deanna! It is so great to hear from another family adopting in Mexico. We look forward to sharing our experiences in this journey. By all means, follow along with us! Let's keep in touch!

All the best, Pedro and Kathleen

Tina and Tracy said...

Hi Kathlene and Pedro. We too are adopting from Mexico... two older siblings. We just received our I800A approval. Took about exactly three months. We are not going through an agency because we don't need the referral. The information you are sharing is very helpful. We sent our Dossier documents to a lawyer in Mexico just last week. We will keep you posted.


Anonymous said...

Hello Tina and Tracy! I am so happy to hear from more families adopting from Mexico!! We too are adopting siblings, it's so great to hear from others doing the same. Congrats on receiving I800A approval and submitting your dossier, that is such a huge step. Please keep us posted from time to time on how things are going. We are very excited for you and would love to hear more about everything!

To everyone: if you have a blog about your Mexico adoption experiences and would like us to add your link to our sidebar, please let us know and we'll add it!

Pedro and Kathleen

Anonymous said...

Note: We have posted an email address on our sidebar for people to be able to contact us!

Pedro and Kathleen