Wednesday, January 14, 2009

The Latest on our Dossier

Our dossier is very close to being in order. Our agency's contact in Mexico recently met with the DIF and was able to find out exactly what is needed for the dossier for the particular state where we intend to submit our paperwork. It turns out we already have everything we need. There was no special application form needed. We are going to make a minor change in the wording in one document, and I found out that another document needs a slight change in the way it was notarized. Once those changes are made we will most likely drive to Tallahassee to get our dossier documents that originated in Florida apostilled in person while we wait at the Department of State. Good excuse for a road trip! All of our documents that originated outside of Florida have already been apostilled in their respective states.

I also found out that the CIS Hague Unit has hired additional staff due receiving a much larger number of filings every single month than they expected since April 1. The CIS could possibly now process the I-800A approvals in under 90 days. We weren't expecting our approval until around February 23, so if we do get it sooner than that it will be very good news!

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