Friday, February 26, 2010

Change in Plans

Just a few days after the previous posting, we were contacted by the DIF of the state with our dossier. They had a proposal of two options for us to consider, a sibling group or a single child. We were so excited! However, we were not told very much information about either option. We asked for more information. We were not able to get the information we needed nor a referral. It just did not feel right to us, so we decided not to proceed. A formal referral is a necessary component before traveling to meet any children, and somehow it just did not come together. So, we could not risk continuing. A referral is required by international law, and we needed to make sure all laws were followed.

On top of that, Mexico is trying to implement a new system for international adoptions. We are not sure how it is going to work. In addition to being accredited by the Hague, it was not clear to us whether American agencies also need to have Mexico national accreditation and/or accreditation in each of the individual states. The state that had our dossier decided they wanted us to use an agency that was accredited by Mexico and ours wasn't. We still aren't sure what type of accreditation they were asking for. We decided not to try to switch states, because there is still a lot of uncertainty as to the new direction of international adoptions from Mexico.

It was all very complicated and confusing. The rules, requirements and processes at the state and national levels keep changing. We went through way more than I am saying publicly on this blog. We have decided that we will not renew our approval to adopt in Mexico. We are at peace with this decision.


mica said...

So sorry for ya'll. Adoption is so hard but so worth it and when you do have your child it will just allow for a greater story. Your child is out there just keep preservering and don't give up there is too many children out there that need a momma and dad. and ya'll will make perfect ones I just know!

Nancy and Talley said...

I'm sorry to hear that you had many bumps in this journey. Still, I hope you get to experience the joys of parenthood, one way or another ;-)