Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Dossier is in Mexico

This week our dossier was sent to Mexico and arrived to the translator. We cannot imagine having to translate an entire dossier, as we know how much work it is to accurately translate technical documents. So we can very much appreciate the task at hand.

People have asked us why we can't translate it ourselves or have a bilingual friend do it for us. It is because it needs to be done by a certified translator who is impartial. After all, it will be submitted to the government and courts in Mexico.

We aren't sure how long the translation will take, but we are excited that our paperwork has at least reached Mexico!


nikki said...

Hi Kathleen and Pedro,
Found your blog thru Gladney. Congrats on your dossier being in mexico to be translated!!!
Looking forward to following your journey to your children.

My Daughter was adopted from Guatemala in 2006, we are now looking into adoping a second are are considering mexico.

Best of luck in your process!!!

Anonymous said...

Hello Nikki!
All the best on your adoption journey! Let us know if you decide to go ahead with Mexico, as we'll ejoy following along.