Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Our dossier is on its way

We finally went to Tallahassee and had the rest of our dossier documents apostilled. We paused for a moment, looking at the pile of documents, all authenticated and ready to go to the next step. Now our papers are on their way to our agency for a final review to be sure everything is in order. Then they will send our dossier to a translator in Mexico City. Once translated, it will be submitted to the National DIF for its first round of approvals. Then it will go to the state where we want to adopt to be approved there. So, our dossier will be changing many hands in the near future.

This was such a huge step for us, the culmination of eight months of chasing paper. At times it felt like I had to move mountains to get some of these papers. So many emotions, ups and downs, so many dreams went into compiling all the necessary information. I actually shed tears as I saw it go.
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mica said...

I know what a relief this is knowing that this part is done. I pray for a speedy process for you from this part on. We are right behind you in the process so it helps to read your blog and follow along since Mexico is kindof a blind process since adoptions there don't happen as often. Anyway congrats on getting this hurdle done. Mica

adopting in mexico said...

This is a huge step! Although of course there are many steps that follow, still, it is such a sense of accomplishment to get that precious dossier away on its journey, finally. One big step closer to be united as a family, and I wish you all the best.

Gene and Deanna said...

Congrats the journey gets shorter and shorter. Thanks for the updates

Anonymous said...

Thanks for all of the encouragement everyone! We really appreciate it!